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Countermeasures is a reading discovery platform.

Readers can discover new written content in a variety of formats and genres and can interact with authors both publicly and privately. Readers can subscribe to topics or authors they care about and be notified early when new material is released. Readers also are able to publish recommendations or lists of content they found especially enjoyable.

Authors can gain exposure and get both general and detailed feedback on new material, radically altering the traditional publishing process. Authors get detailed engagement metrics and are able to benefit from a variety of writing and publishing tools.

Writing is organized by projects, so all of the content from a book or series will be grouped into the same project.

Unlike a blog, the focus is not on a constant churn of new material, but on providing the best experience to both readers and authors.

There are no adds, no dark patterns. Authors own their content, period. Readers get an amazing content discovery experience and authors benefit from curated feedback early in the process of creating a larger body of work.


Countermeasures is just getting off the ground and is in early Alpha.

If you have feedback and suggestions, for now please send me an email.